Shamit Khemka views on success in business

shamit khemka

Our people are the reason behind our success. It´s their excellent work & dedication that keeps us growing. In return, we give our people adequate space to learn and build themselves.

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Shamit Khemka acknowledges employees at work


We lookout for people who have courage in taking challenges and a personal commitment to work. We help our people in achieving their aspirations by acknowledging their talents and commitments.

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Shamit Khemka ensure regular growth of employees

We believe in continual growth and offer various kinds of training and advancement opportunities to our employees.

Shamit Khemka

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Shamit Khemka’s tips on running business successfully

Shamit Khemka

Building a work culture in which everyone is valued and contributing fully is a key component of doing business successfully.

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Shamit Khemka on benefits of LinkedIn for business

Shamit Khemka
LinkedIn is a powerful tool that offer you opportunity to promote your business, advertise and most importantly recruiting new candidates. According to Shamit Khemka, CEO & Founder of SynapseIndia, “LinkedIn can be a valuable business tool to help you grow your business and catapult your career.” His company also provides services to promote businesses through LinkedIn. SynapseIndia LinkedIn marketing services have helped many businesses by maximizing their reach.

Shamit Khemka’s views on Facebook for business

Shamit Khemka
Having a presence on Facebook has become critical for businesses. Moreover, many businesses have found Facebook as an effective medium to advertise their product & services. SynapseIndia, IT & Digital marketing company founded by Shamit Khemka, offers social media marketing services to global businesses. SynapseIndia Facebook marketing services help businesses in effective targeting on Facebook.

Shamit Khemka on growth in IT sector jobs

Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka, CEO & Founder of SynapseIndia, says, “Indian IT industry has contributed considerably to changing the image of country globally.” The IT sector in has been a sunshine sector for quite some time now. In the coming years the industry is expected to grow more and create thousands of new job opportunities.

Checkout SynapseIndia jobs on company’s official website.


Shamit Khemka briefs about his venture SynapseIndia

Shamit Khemka
SynapseIndia, the premier IT company founded by Shamit Khemka, is proud to be recognized as “The best software company to work for”. The organization has been recognized by some of the most reputed and trustworthy publications for providing great working environment. If you are the one looking for an organization that provide seamless learning & growth opportunities, Checkout SynapseIndia current openings on company’s official website.


Shamit Khemka on SynapseIndia’s training program

Shamit Khemka
Known globally for offering world-class IT services & solutions, SynapseIndia has come up with a professional IT training & internship program to help IT undergraduates & experienced achieve high growth in their profession. Shamit Khemka, CEO of the leading IT organization says that SynapseIndia trainings & internship would help IT freshers landing on a job opportunity by making them skilled as per the current industry requirements.


Shamit Khemka relates success with work-culture

Shamit Khemka
How much of the role does CEO play in setting a good corporate culture? Well, CEOs have a deep impact on an organization’s culture even if they are not conscious of it all the time. Building a culture that works is important in order to achieve organizational goals.

Shamit Khemka, CEO of SynapseIndia says, “The workplace reflects the behavior and characteristics of the CEO, and that establishes the culture. Culture is like a backbone for any organization and your business success is influenced by your organization culture”.

SynapseIndia has been recognized by some of the most trustworthy publications for offering a great work environment.


Shamit Khemka discusses about SURGE conference

Web Summit is all set to hold its first conference in India. Conference’s gathering in India called
SURGE is expected to attract thousands of attendees including startups, investors, media &
speakers from top tech companies. SURGE conference will take place in Bengaluru on 23rd & 24th
February, 2016.

SURGE is Web Summit’s first conference in India. Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to
over 42,000 from more than 134 countries. Web summit has gained a solid reputation in recent
years and widely acknowledged as the world’s best technology conference. This time the conference
is going to be held in Bengaluru, India.
In recent years, many Indian startups skyrocketed to success. There is a continuously growing
excitement for India’s startup scene. According to Forbes, Indian startups are the “investment of the
moment”. With all the hype, many of the Indian startups are all set to join SURGE tech conference
in February 2016. Latest trends in technology & mobile will be the hot spots of discussions at

Shamit Khemka, director & member of advisory board, Cross-section interactive, who recently
attended web summit in Dublin, will be attending the summit in India as well. During the dinner
held on eve of 3rd december with Paddy, co-founder at WEB SUMMIT, & other organisers, he
discussed about the relevance and importance of web summit and the positive impact it is having on
the startup ecosystem. They also discussed how SURGE can act as a catalyst in supporting the
startup community in India.
“It was a pleasure being at Dublin Web Summit 2015. It’s certainly one of the best tech conferences
in the world. Networking with like-minded people, exchanging ideas and listening to highly
accomplished speakers were the key attractions of event. Looking forward to attend SURGE
conference!”, Shamit said.
“SURGE is going to be a new type of tech conference – it’s a platform that brings extra networking
opportunities for the people who are building & managing the companies of today.”, he added

About Cross-section Interactive
With more than 1,200 websites developed for a wide range of industries over the last 15 years,
Cross Section Interactive Pvt Ltd (CSIPL) is amongst India’s leading website development
companies. Cross Section Interactive has rich portfolio of India’s top Real estate clients including
DLF, Ansal Group, Raheja Builders, ParshwaNath, SuperTech, Ajnara, Prateek Group and many


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Shamit Khemka on role of CEO for an organization

Shamit Khemka With employees
A CEO plays a pioneer role in setting a company’s ethical culture. You can easily put in controls and structures but from a leader’s perspective, ethics are the most important thing you bring with you.

Shamit Khemka, whose company specializes in technology services, says, “The CEO’s job is to lead. Model the behavior you want to see.” As an owner of SynapseIndia, premier IT company, he advocates consistent and continuous grounding in values.

Transparency & stickiness to organisation’s core values made SynapseIndia winning the trust of global clients. Company has a vast clientele from more than 30 countries who availed its services.


Shamit Khemka on Benefits of Good Organization Culture

Shamit Khemka
There are plenty of benefits that a good workplace culture may bring in favour of a business. As the workplace culture influences everything and everyone within an organization, a well-developed culture is likely to bring many positive changes across the company.

Shamit Khemka, owner of SynapseIndia, says, “When Your Workplace Culture Thrives, So Will Your Business.”. He ensures a positive and supportive work culture within his organization. In order to achieve the same, SynapseIndia organizes various team activities that enhance the bonding amongst the team members.

“When there is a great place to work where employees are happy and motivated, they just don’t want to leave.” added Shamit Khemka.