Shamit Khemka at RIE EO 2016 event in Taj New Delhi

Shamit Khemka addressed the attendees at an EO event, RIE – Zinda Dilli 2016 . RIE was the first such regional event ever in EO.

Shamit said, “We have had a fabulous year in South Asia, from a successful EO spark to this fabulous vibrant EO RIE 2016. The chapters have been creating new products with MYEO. The leaders in the regional council have been innovating and making a mark.”

He also talked about the new EO chapters – EO Gurgaon & EO Bangladesh (dhakka). Shamit said the year has been fantastic in terms of strategic alliances and recognized the partners such as British Airways. He thanked regional council, professional staff & global board for their support to the EO South Asia Region.

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