Shamit Khemka on SynapseIndia’s expansion plan

It’s generally better to contract outsider specialists to help you asses the new business proposition. Growing new thoughts for business expansion can be an overwhelming undertaking. One wrong step and the entire endeavor may sink. Especially on account of little set-ups, business expansion is important sometime. Then again, just as critical is an all around adjusted development technique.

Lastly, one size never fits all. There are a plenty of answers for any venture seeking after business expansion, some of which are talked about underneath. After you achieve a certain stage in your business, thoughts for expansion start to involve your considerations. Furthermore, why not! Deals are up and clients are glad; you practically start to feel that the business is running on auto-pilot. That is the point at which you get the tingle to begin something new, and take your business to the next level.

IT Mentor Shamit Khemka also mentions that Numerous a times, business people feel they ought to exploit each open door that cruises by, yet this could be decimating for the business. Any contemplations of business expansion ought to be precisely inspected, with the upsides and downsides weighed out.

Franchising: One of the most famous courses to business expansion is through an establishment. Franchising includes procuring the rights to utilize and business sector another person’s image, by paying a charge. This offers a chance to build an association with a current, fruitful business, and gets rid of a ton of the standard preliminaries that are a piece of another endeavor. The best thing about going in for such a business choice is, to the point that you get the opportunity to appreciate the backing of a created organization, and can waste no time. Be that as it may, in the early stages you will acquire high start up expenses, incorporating sovereignty installments consequently for backing in operations and publicizing. Likewise, be careful with broken guarantees! In spite of the fact that it reduces the business visionary’s operational flexibility to some degree, franchising is the best alternative for the individuals who function admirably in groups and have constrained business experience.

Acquisition: You could attempt this out if there’s a business up for snatches that has comparable products or services as yours. Yet, before you proceed, verify you get your work done well to reveal any errors the current proprietors might not have revealed about the business; likewise attempt to comprehend the proprietors’ thought processes in needing to offer. Purchasing somebody out offers incredible focal points – you will have moment access to a bigger client base, quality staff, learning and resources for new product development, or more all, will face lessened rivalry.

Organic growth: This is maybe the most secure and easiest choice. If you claim a retail location, opening a second is the most legitimate way to development. If you need to open another store along the lines of a current store, find it at a sensible separation far from the initially, so you don’t land up simply occupying existing clients. Discovering an able area may be foundation for concern, as you have to get sufficient space in a suitable region; the logistics ought to be sensible as well! You will likewise need to contract dependable staff to oversee routine operations.

SynapseIndia helps businesses in their expansion plan by offering them cutting edge web solutions along with a strong web presence. SynapseIndia expansion plan, announced recently by CEO Shamit Khemka, focuses on hiring more full time professionals and empowering IT students with training & internship programs.

Shamit Khemka on SynapseIndia’s core values

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka assures that HR policies of the company are planned effectively with for sustaining a high-technology business solutions. These policies have been designed to enable capability of our business and processes, while achieving a high level of ownership and involvement in our employees.

Our initiatives, policies and procedures have evolved through a consultative and hands-on process with a high degree of employee involvement. This has helped us to create a streamlined, collective and pleasant work environment. Shamit Khemka mentions that Our prime responsibility is to help an individual to grow professionally as well as personally. We have formulated a number of policies to develop the individual potential and collective potentials.

All new recruits at SynapseIndia are inducted into the organization through a structured training program involving technical/process training by an experienced and qualified team. The learning process does not stop once the induction phase is complete; if anything it gets intensified, and continuously so.

We utilize the leading tools for performance management, planning and motivation, evaluating and enhancing the performance of our employees. This system seeks to establish and maintain an environment that supports our business processes and ensure that employee performance is evaluated against the achievement of objectives that are aligned to the company’s goals.

SynapseIndia is planning executive development courses for employees with supervisory responsibilities wherein people at managerial levels would undergo training for next level of management, development, and enhancement of resource identification and hiring skills. Shamit Khemka proudly says that Employees are sponsored for advanced management development programs in leading institutions, seminars, trainings.


CEO Shamit Khemka also adds that Our mission is to motivate and encourage each of the employee to perform to his or her potential. We also help them in pushing their standards and retain their talents.

Values and Guiding Principles:

  • We believe and recognize that a person is associating with us to pursue his or her own career objectives/expectations, and that we should nurture this on a long-term basis. Thus, all dealings with our employees shall be conducted on a transparent basis, such that a long-term satisfactory relationship and mutual benefits are enhanced.

  • Respect the dignity and individuality of every employee.

  • Recognize the right of all employees to know where they stand.

  • Create an attitude of openness that promotes innovative thinking.

  • Provide opportunities and support to all employees to reach their full potential.

  • Build a feeling of trust amongst all.

Shamit Khemka on Website Development

Before making and conveying a website, it is key to take the time to arrange unequivocally what is needed in the website. The key parts in making a powerful web page is totally considering your target market, and portraying the reason lastly the content.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka explains that A website is a get-together of information around a particular subject. Designing a website is described as the strategy and development of web pages that in this manner make up a website. It contains information for which the website is made. A valid example, a website may be stood out from a book, where each page of the book is a web page.

Basic requirements of a Website

It is crucial to portray the goal for the website as one of the introductory stages in the arranging method. “A basically characterized reason will help whatever is left of the arranging technique. Setting short and whole deal destinations for the website will characteristic more reason and arrangement for the future with respect to development, support, and upgrades will happen.” also adds Shamit Khemka.

Quality Content ensured for the Website
It is constantly great to test the content and goal of the website on a middle assembling and differentiation the offerings with the intended interest group needs. The accompanying venture in the process is ordering the substance and dealing with it according to customer needs. Gathering a rundown of the crucial substance then dealing with it as demonstrated by the individuals necessities is a key process in website arranging.

CEO Shamit Khemka says that a website is an amassing of information around a particular subject. Designing a website can be characterized as the course of action and making of web pages that hence make up a website. A well-fabricated website basically incorporates data for which the website is designed & created.

While creating a website, prime concern ought to dependably be to make the website feature rich and useful for the guests. It ought to have the relevant data which is coveted by your guests and web indexes – if that is deficient with regards to, guests to your website won’t have a amazing experience as they won’t get the information they needed.

MD Shamit Khemka says that SynapseIndia Research & Development center arranges different projects that urge employees & trainees to perform obliged research before website development. These projects have an attention on bringing research and development that helps developers in offering the ideal solutions for the customers.

SynapseIndia offers services including web design & development, mobile application development, e- commerce website development, custom software development and lots more. Shamit Khemka is an owner of this leading IT outsourcing organization.

Shamit Khemka on employee friendly work-culture

Each employer has a few obligations towards their working staff concerning the procurement of employee advantage plans and projects. Basically, every employer is liable to offer an annuity in which an employee can contribute. The nature and kind of employee advantage conspires that you are going to give to your employees depends to a great extent on the kind of job you do and your organization’s current circumstances.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka mentions that in today’s scenario it is perceived that majority of business visionaries and employers offer employee benefit schemes in addition to their statutory obligations. More than kindness this gesture is to guarantee employee satisfaction that will be advantageous for the organization’s overall returns.

Anticipating Employee Benefits Schemes

“Before you begin it is vital to have clear thought with reference to why you are giving employee benefits plan” speaks CEO Shamit Khemka. A standout amongst the most well-known reasons why most undertakings add to these plans is on account of they need to hold their staff in this continually changing business situation where the steady loss rate can whenever increment. All the while, a few businesses even wish that their advantage conspires additionally interpret into enlistment achievement making them procure quality work power. This is of paramount significance if you have been losing your employees in the recent past.

These elements are quantifiable and henceforth easy to assess. As an employer it is crucial to have particular targets characterized before arranging a plan. These plans need to be time-reinforced as then you will know whether the targets have been met by a particular date or not. This is the place an effective employee benefit consultants comes without hesitation to prompt you in arranging and executing well-suited advantage plans.

Shamit Khemka explains Industry Solutions for Employee Benefit plans

Today prominent organizations spend significant time in worldwide HR arrangements have concocted these benefits plans and projects to make your employment best. These arrangements offer you an impeccable mix of devoted group benefit and propelled innovation where every one of your necessities are met in time in an expense proficient and sensible way. Services offered incorporates the accompanying, Benefits Consulting and Procurement, Healthcare Cost Management, Eligibility Management, Legislative Compliance, Executive Benefit Consulting, Online Employee Center, Employee Service Desk and Employee advantages consultants.

These organizations work as employee benefits consultants and convey methodologies that can be best described as “vital effortlessness.” They frame a solitary purpose of contact for each benefits management prerequisite that you may have. Moreover, they give proficient exchanges, effortlessly open data and customer fulfillment at each level.

“Each employee meets expectations for a certain advantages and facilities. With extraordinary service offering from the advanced employee advantage consultants you can hold your employees as well as motivate them to perform better” adds Shamit Khemka advocating importance of employee benefits.

SynapseIndia is one stop shop for all IT requirements. The owner of this reputed Organization is Shamit Khemka. SynapseIndia employee benefits program not only offer employees health & safety benefits but also includes various training programs for professional as well as personal development of employees.

Shamit Khemka on importance of SEO for business

Having a decent page rank according to Google can do wonders for your website. Every online business considering, why is Google so important for online website? Why not other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and so forth? The fact of the matter is that maximum online users still utilize Google as their number one search engine.

They have made themselves as the greatest player. In years to come who knows what will happen, yet for the present Google remains king of the search engines as added by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka.

1.Website Positioning Always Considerable: When you need more and more traffic and your site positioned high up in the query results then yes, page rank does make a difference. Consider it! Who is going to trawl through page 1-40 (or more) of the search results? No one has time for that. If your site does not indicate on page 1 or 2 of the search results, then it is extremely hard to get anybody to see your site. CEO Shamit Khemka says that the better your rank the higher you will be showing in the query items. So you can see that having a good rank does in reality make a difference.

2. Page Rank of the Website: Page ranking of websites is controlled by numerous factors, however, one that is of high significance are the number of links you have pointing back at your site. May be you have thousand links, but if they are from sites that have low or no page rank than your ranking is not going to be so good. The thought is to build links on other great sites.

When somebody enters a phrase into Google it will endeavor to find websites that can give a response to the search question. It looks at the site and analysis, it’s keywords and in addition the quantity of links it has pointing to it. If it has good page rank it is served high in the search results. If you are a website admin you ought to truly get to be acquainted with how page rank functions as it will be of profit to any advertising endeavors. The more links pointing at your site the better placed, it will be in the search, especially in Google.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka mentions that the most ideal approach to enhance your positioning is to begin building back links to your site. You can enhance the back links yourself, yet this can take a long time. Alternatively, there are different services around that build back links. SynapseIndia is one of the best SEO service providers running under able guidance of CEO Shamit Khemka. Once you deal with SynapseIndia for website ranking then you are in safe hands. Qualified experts of SynapseIndia assist you to increase your website ranking. SynapseIndia ranking on odesk as well as e-lance is very well. Once you visit the website of SynapseIndia, you will get the best reviews of clients which SynapseIndia earn by their utmost quality IT service.

Reason to offer benefit to employees by Shamit Khemka

A standout amongst the most vital segments of maintaining a successful business is keeping employees glad and furnishing them with enough motivator to amplify their efficiency. While there are diverse approaches to achieve this, offering your employees benefits that are beyond lawful necessities has a tendency to be viable. Here are the main five reasons you ought to offer added benefits to your employees.

1. Expand Your Appeal

The obtaining of skilled and devoted employees will help make a solid foundation for your business. To bring these people on board, it serves to have some unmistakable benefits that separate your business from the masses. As opposed to offering the absolute minimum, give your employees benefits like paid excursions and celebrations, health plans, and retirement plans to make your business more alluring. A study by SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka demonstrated that drawing in and holding ability was the main motivation that organizations offered employee benefits. Offering strong benefits additionally shows that you have confidence in your organization enough to put resources into your employees, and demonstrates that you’re stable, which can help you obtain A-rundown ability.

2. Minimize Your Turnover Rate

It’s troublesome for a business to gain genuine ground when employees are always advancing and going. At the point when this happens, its difficult to secure a veteran group of specialists, and the ordinary ability level will need. Luckily, offering benefits bundles is regularly enough to make employees stick around for the long run.

3. Better Morale

Another focal point of offering benefits is the boosting of employee confidence. By understanding and tending to the needs of your workforce, its possible that employees will be devoted and consider their jobs more important. Showing that you think about your employees is a characteristic approach to expand their dependability and regularly to receive their best work consequently.

4. Healthier Employees

Accepting you offer some sort of wellbeing/dental plan and wiped out leave, your workforce ought to be in moderately great wellbeing. In case your employees have strong wellbeing protection plan set up, there is a superior probability that they will have standard checkups and make safeguard therapeutic strides, which ought to help in guaranteeing they don’t take numerous wiped out days.

5. Better Job Performance

By offering benefits, you give employees all the more motivation to think about your organization and stay faithful. Therefore, they ought to be willing to work harder, which can prompt more noteworthy profitability and higher quality.

Shamit Khemka, owner at SynapseIndia believes employee benefits are must to keep the morale of your employees up. SynapseIndia employee benefits are planned keeping the employees needs & demands in mind. SynapseIndia employee benefits include health protection plan, accidental plan, performance bonuses & incentives and many more.

Shamit Khemka discusses best web designing tools

Previously, it was custom web development all the way. You needed to code everything from the scratch to have a complete and useful site. You required solid skills in HTML and CSS for web designing and in case of a web developer, you required solid abilities in server-side scripting, customer side scripting and database development.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka also believe that gone are the days when you need to construct a website from the scratch utilizing HTML and different instruments. This is on account of there are currently instant cutting edge tools that can do 50% or considerably a greater amount of the job for you while you do the rest. This has made it conceivable to give the course of events for job and increase the proficiency of web developers. How about we analyze some of these tools.

1. Templates

A template contains a design layout for a website together with arranging attributes that issues it a specific appearance through the going with CSS. What you need do is to adjust it to suit your purpose by including your content in the placeholders provided and modify the applicable areas in the CSS record and your website is ready.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

Customers now need to have the ability to change their webpage content without needing to require the services of the programmer to abstain from paying service charge. There are presently cutting edge CMS bundles that will empower you build an entire site with CMS office. Most popular CMSs are Joomla, WordPress and Drupal Content Management Systems. When you can set up the platforms and you have procured the obliged expertise to utilize it, you can begin designing web pages without an inside and out information of HTML, CSS and so on.

Web development technology is exceedingly changing. Better and new tools are being introduced all the time and the current ones are constantly enhanced with new forms. Better strategies are consistently created. Case in point, web pages are planned these days not with tables to adjust page objects when making page formats. HTML labels like DIV tag and others are utilized rather and they make the site web crawler inviting. Likewise AJAX is exceedingly used nowadays to minimize reconnections to the database in multi-level applications.

Shamit Khemka also added “As a web developer this implies that you should dependably be careful for current patterns in the business to stay pertinent”. Then again, despite the accessibility of these instant development tools, a web developer ought to likewise endeavor to construct custom web portals on the grounds that numerous jobs are still the tweaked sorts and capacity to carry out those jobs successfully is a show of your quality and adaptability.

If you are looking forward to an exciting career opportunity in web development, check out SynapseIndia current openings. You can access SynapseIndia current openings by visiting official company website or LinkedIn page.

Shamit Khemka illustrates job business patterns

Coordinating jobs and applicants has picked up massively in significance and we list here the patterns prone to rule in 2015. There would be expanded concentrate on a decent candidate experience amid handle and enhanced employer branding to pull in and hold talent.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka shares the fact that the year 2014 has been an important for India Inc in the employments front, which indicated positive developments and trust in employing insights over all levels and particularly more up to date geologies to man their extending foot shaped impressions.

Some key patterns that would characterize the job business are as underneath:

Matchmaking would be the trendy expression

With an attitude toward changing needs in year 2015 and portraying employee as key to business growth, the developing openings for work and a store of accessible talent pool, procuring would not be just about sourcing, meeting hopefuls, and getting the opening filled. Rather, it would be progressively about matchmaking the prerequisites of work part to a competitor’s capacity and the other way around. Associations would be progressively searching for a quality talent pool for their open positions and right sort of matchmaking would certainly hold the responses to business development and expansion.

Outsourcing to get pace

It has as of now been seen as of late that business pioneers including numerous CEOs are driving the talent motivation. The enlistment business and particularly the recruitment procedure outsourcing (RPO) experts is progressively making utilization of social networking and investigation to convey both effectiveness and experience. These two imperative components would be the new top choices, while searching for quality talent and strategizing to hold the talent. In the present financial situation, this model would be effortlessly adjusted past the mass procuring segments to the corner employing ones like center, pharma, and open services, and so forth. The RPO frameworks dealing with a solid innovation stage has the talent to perform work applicant matchmaking, convey world class experience to all gatherings included while at the same time overseeing cost and time efficiencies.

Social networking will pick up significance as a sourcing channel

With 243.2 million web clients and 106 million dynamic social networking clients among an aggregate populace of more than 1200 million, the social networking wave is yet to get into the heart of India.

Talking of utilizing online networking for enrollment, this entrance has been similarly low, particularly when contrasted with the worldwide markets (where more that 90% scouts consider utilizing social networking as one of their significant tools). SynapseIndia recruitment team make use of social networking for hiring prospects. LinkedIn is the most popular amongst all social platforms. Shamit Khemka, CEO at SynapseIndia believes that technology is playing a vital role in recruitment. SynapseIndia recruitment team appreciates the new ways of recruitment.

Shamit Khemka on benefit of having an e-commerce app

Today’s situation is such that each business association is heading towards globalization furthermore energetic to expand their client base. With the progression of innovation, business firms has broadened their scope for advancement and development in different nations of the world by giving them the best of the best products or services.

IT Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka says that the idea of e-commerce improvement came into the picture when business undertakings crossed topographical limits for business exchanges. Numerous entrepreneurs accept that shaking hands with alternate nations is just the best approach to grow and investigate their association in the worldwide business sector. What’s more, e-commerce is the main choice for them to transform site visitors into their customers for the product or service you offer.

The extent of e-commerce is rising quickly and there are central point that play in the development and improvement of any business. Sites that are created with the assistance of the most recent web innovation have solely procured small or huge businesses around the world. To give your business a cutting edge and beat contenders e-commerce site ends up being the best solutions for your business to move at a speedier pace.

Develop an E-Commerce Online Store

If you want to move your business online then you must require a well managed and sorted out online store which demonstrates beneficial regarding business. You will get different choices accessible yet Magento is a standout amongst the most famous, solid and effortlessly available alternative in the realm of internet technology.

Magento is an open source platform and it is most favored in the business to create e-commerce based applications and for that you have to Hire Magento developers . It is constantly useful to approach proficient who has some additional skills and knowledge to develop your online portal according to your expressed requirement.

At the point when Internet technology and its different tools are being to grow business operations, the term “e-commerce” came into the picture. E-commerce industry is wide and additionally quickest developing in the world. So in the event that you need to grow your business skylines you require an e-commerce site and by which you can without much of a stretch change over your site visitors into customers.

To get your online business website developed Hire a Magento Developer which is competent to develop exceptionally improved and customized online stores. Likewise you have to verify that it satisfies every one of your prerequisites in the web application.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that our Professionals have expertise in the field of mobile app development, software development, e-commerce store development and many more. If you are looking for Custom e-commerce store development you can get free quote today for quality and inventive development services from SynapseIndia.

You can reach specialists at SynapseIndia registered office and talk about your prerequisites with them.

Shamit Khemka, Owner of IT solution provider SynapseIndia

Custom software development is may be a standout amongst the most imperative parts of the general process that is the most results driven. It is harder than routine software building for a custom employment requires the capacity to realize totally new possibilities and associate the beginning stage to a craved endpoint without there being a template program in the center to achieve it.

Utilization of a format must be stayed away from inside custom software application development since this would be minimal more than the production of a code derivative, which may bring about copyright issues down the line and may really take a valuable bit of software and incredibly decrease its attractiveness because of having directives put on it by the contemplating originator.

Business necessities for custom software development are not as perplexing as one may accept. Indeed, the administration is the little plan of action of decision for ambitious experts who need to go only it. This involves the acknowledgment that one can’t market to the overall population, yet rather is extremely constrained by the client base that is really entering the request.

Accordingly Shamit Khemka explains that a home-based proficient with specialization in this methodology won’t get rich with little business custom software development for such a restricted business sector, for Windows and the production of the procedure that can then be effectively marketed do offer lucrative futures.

Web based custom development software may be another extraordinary approach to give the support of an organization by allowing custom development application software to be downloaded fairly dispatched on perpetual media. This permits the developer to proffer every so often overhauled. While this is all a vital part of the normal custom software development, e-business, current and impending organization expert need to remember that not all that comes up roses.

For example, if your custom software development, understanding has a “satisfaction ensured” condition, you may find that your three months of the services will be for nothing out of pocket for the client has the capacity point to the proviso and not pay you when the methodology neglected to meet the desires. Besides, enterprising custom software development business visionaries need to remember that a few PCs, systems, and LANs are just so obsolete, that regardless of what fix you present, a superbly elegantly composed bit of custom software will just not run.

SynapseIndia research and development process is followed for all the projects the company undertakes. They do take appropriate time in analyzing client’s requirements and come out with great ideas. Shamit Khemka is an owner of this Leading IT outsourcing company.

Research is key part of a business: Shamit Khemka

Most web developers are so anxious about how they might want to show up on your website, as opposed to what the visitors will be cheerful about. You have to give point by point data and material that visitors look to the future, or else, it is about dropping them. Hence, you have to research the viewer’s requirements and determinations.

Exploring can be viable web style on the grounds that it is an essential part of the viewer’s advantage. There ought to be just the most critical sites simply vanish, at all times, and in a perfect world none of the web page ought to be close to three mouse clicks far from all others. Putting steering gadget at the highest point of this page or as an afterthought and it appears that all the destinations prescribed. Website design, incredible photographs can take a complete website. That, as well as influence the entire site works, orderly. It is bothering to the visitors, as they give administration to come into point of view as quick as could be expected under the circumstances and get on with it. This additionally applies to feature and other gigantic press data.

Simple to peruse material is another perspective that the engineer ought to consider when making your site. This is the principle place where a considerable measure of web designers happen. This is not thankful, comprising of numerous arbitrary content or composed material, if your visitors fight it out to investigate.

SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka suggests that you must introduce the fitting mixtures of shade in the middle of composing and encompassing your web style. In the event that you need a photo of your website foundation, it is critical that this deliberately.

Point by point pictures and immense for the composed content out of sight can prompt confusions visitor. An accomplished web styles possesses the material to be utilized for individual web style. Case in point, web style London, United Kingdom has the right thought of??what is to be incorporated in the web-style client by whatever other organization on the planet.

Also, an excessive amount of or too minimal composed content is not seen on the site. Undesirable composed content can bring about issues in contemplating the visitors, as they may simply surrender and leave your site. Another regular mix-up is not an attractive composed content. This issue can be brought about by two outcomes. Specifically, it doesn’t give your visitors and imminent clients enough data about their products or services, and furthermore, it is loathsome for SEO purposes.

Another basic blunder in web development is unreasonable screen. The staggering blaze visual is something individuals will look at your site. Screen may appear to be phenomenal, however it is more inclined to be changed over visitors away, if the blaze outwardly stretched out time of time to get stacked thus they can be expelled from the website, especially amid crest website. Sprinkle landing locales are scarcely ever helpful to guests.

CEO at SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka believes that research and development is a crucial part of web development process for effective results. SynapseIndia research and development team analyze a project & its requirements in depth before getting started. SynapseIndia research and development ensures that proper planning & research has been performed as a part of web development process.

Shamit Khemka supports celebration at workplace

It is easy to get involved with your own universe of business. Consider a morning when heading into your office where you discover yourself looking through messages on your phone, adjusting an espresso mug and a satchel. On the other hand listening to music and speed off directly past your group’s office and work areas without welcome any of them.

In case, you’re accustomed to doing every one of these things and skipping out on saying good morning to your staff, even only for a couple of mornings out of the week, you are then accomplishing more mischief than you may might suspect in your business circle.

Stream of correspondence must be race to concentrate advantages later, if not promptly. To do it, both the sender and the collector must connect with one another. The more they cooperate and the closer they get to be, they will in the long run wind up being a great deal less formal, have more discussions, and have a ton of fun together.

The following points enlisted by CEO Shamit Khemka are convincible and better group building tips, which may help you break the ice and become more acquainted with individuals you work with.

1. Greet your group individuals warmly.

2. Allow everyone meet with you.

3. Hold week after week and month to month gatherings.

4. Celebrate everything.

Building a communitarian and drawing in environment ought to be the point of group pioneers in an association. It is observed that when you get to be fruitful in building this sort of environment, you can convey maintainable and on-target group exercises. You need to arrange approaches to make a friendly situation that can enhance collaboration, joint effort, and group associations with noteworthy and quantifiable results.

All the more along these lines, to have a certain comprehension of your business and flourish as a fruitful association, you will without a doubt need drew in and conferred employees. However, as a rule it is seen that group pioneers and association heads grab for approaches to enhance employee engagement and participation in the middle of employees and divisions.

The necessity for this sort of environment is authority preparing. Just a decent arrangement of administration preparing amusements can offer and assemble enhanced collaboration immediately and with reasonable results inside a brief time of time. By assembling them, you can energize your employees all the more powerfully. Your fundamental target is to pick up results. For it, you need to enhance group connections.

SynapseIndia celebration recently held on the occasion of company’s 15th foundation day. CEO & Founder, Shamit Khemka shared the business expansion plan in SynapseIndia celebration. The event included various team building & fun activities.

Shamit Khemka on importance of employee benefits

As an entrepreneur Shamit Khemka understands the importance of employee benefits and says that one need to settle on an abundance of choices identified with your business, from how to market your product or services to how to deal with your employees. One employee-related choice is the thing that employee benefits you will offer, from health protection to a retirement plan to paid time off. Offering a focused benefits bundle has various points of interest for your small business.

Employee Acquisition

Offering employee benefits makes your small business an aggressive one with regards to securing qualified employees. Pretty much as you measure a vocation competitor’s qualities and shortcomings, a potential employee considers the favorable circumstances and impediments of tolerating a position with your small business. An aggressive benefits bundle can draw in amazing employees. Since a solid staff is fundamental to your business’ prosperity, offering benefits is an unquestionable requirement.

Employee Retention

If you select an above-normal benefits arrangement for your employees, it can go far in keeping employees at your small business. Employees who are looking for another job need to consider the offer in its sum, not simply hope to measure up compensations. An aggressive benefits bundle can be sufficient to keep an employee around.


Offering benefits demonstrates your employees that you comprehend and regard their needs. Going without health protection can be a hazardous choice, so if you offer a benefits bundle that incorporates health protection, you are demonstrating your employees your sympathy toward their prosperity. Also, an benefits bundle that incorporates paid time off, as both excursion time and wiped out time, demonstrates your employees that you comprehend the significance of rest and unwinding.


Offering benefits can likewise keep your employees strong, which can enhance the proficiency and productivity of your small business. Employees who have health protection will probably see their specialists more frequently than the individuals who are uninsured. They will treat sicknesses as opposed to coming into work debilitated and conceivably contaminating the whole office. They will have well-visit exams yearly, which can get any genuine ailments early.

Employee Attitude

Having a focused benefits plan will enhance employees’ state of mind about their job. Employees will acknowledge having these benefits and, hence will esteem their job more. Employees with an uplifting disposition add to organization confidence and work productively to guarantee their employment is secure.

SynapseIndia founder Shamit Khemka believes that these are employees who make a business successful, so it’s the responsibility for businesses to take care of their employees. SynapseIndia employee benefits include health protection packages, performance bonuses and many more. To know in detail about SynapseIndia employee benefits visit company website.

Shamit Khemka thoughts on true leader

Working in a team is always advised to employees during the project but the importance of a leader in the team is crucial to define the roles of each team member. Understanding what actually is needed for the job is very critical and a true leader knows which member of his team will convert the hassle into a smooth functioning situation.

CEO Shamit Khemka lists out five key points to look in an employee to call him/her as a leader :

1. Communicates Well

Potential leaders should be good communicators. Leaders are an important link in the communication chain. Upper management depend on leaders to carry their ideas to employees while workers rely on leaders to carry their feedback to the employer. Inter-departmental communication is crucial too. Besides promoting communication internally, leaders must be able to share the company’s vision with customers and vendors.

2. Problem Solver

Leaders must tackle problems and find solutions quickly and efficiently. Evaluate each candidate’s problem-solving abilities before making a decision. Besides unearthing problems or potential problems, leaders will need to explain the issue to others. Leaders must bring ideas to the table and facilitate an environment where others can contribute their suggestions. A good leader will take responsibility when things go wrong and share the glory when things go right.

3. Makes Decisions

Leaders must be able to make unilateral decisions and lead their team through the decision-making process. Small business leaders should be able to implement their decisions as smoothly as possible. Decisions must be made in a timely manner but leaders must weigh their decisions before implementation. Once decisions are made, a good leader will follow through during key deadlines in the process.

4. Organizes Tasks

Leaders organize departments, people and projects. Some small businesses use leaders to develop budgets, facilitate meetings and oversee everyday office tasks. Criteria for leaders should include good administration skills or the ability to work with qualified administrators.

5. Motivates Others

An excessive amount of charisma isn’t a requirement for leadership, but leaders should be able to motivate their teams. Leaders should have sincere concern for the health and wellness of their employees. These key positions should be filled by people who know how to show their appreciation and recognition to other employees regularly. A high level of enthusiasm, the ability to think positively, and vision-casting are also key criteria the hiring staff should consider.

SynapseIndia is functioning effectively from past many years under the able leadership of Shamit Khemka and his guidance & knowledge transfer has seen many corporate leaders recognized in the organization.

Shamit Khemka’s views on business awards

There is a range of awards in the UK established to recognize the achievements of the country’s businesses, both large and small. Some of these, such as the National Business Awards, celebrate major national and international firms, but there are also many events geared towards the innovative, small businesses that form part of the bedrock of the country’s economy.

Business awards tend to be judged by an expert panel of business owners, who assess applications made in a variety of different categories. For example, award categories might recognize achievement in fields like digital engagement, marketing, or growth. Most business awards also have ‘business of the year’ categories, the winner of which is often drawn from the winners of each of the other categories.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka enlists 5 major advantages of awards for companies :

1. Individual Improvement

Another advantage of group performance bonuses and rewards is individual improvement. As teams work to meet the goal, they’ll soon discover who among them needs further training or assistance. During these team growth periods, the top performers often work with the slower workers to meet the goals and improve performance.

2. Improves Morale

Team spirit, cooperation and innovation will naturally evolve as the team seeks to reach their goal or accomplish their project. Improve morale by creating teams of employees to solve problems and reach departmental goals.

3. Increased Communication

One advantage a small business can experience from teamwork performance rewards is greater communication. Leaders on the team will communicate the group’s goal or vision, while team members will communicate to troubleshoot the answers.

4. Focused Vision

Working towards a group performance award will improve the focus of the team, a good advantage for small businesses. Group awards push teams to understand the company’s mission and their role in making that mission a success.

5. Better Relationships

When teams share a group reward, they learn to get along. You’ll see better relationships among team members competing for performance prizes. People are more likely to get along when it’s in their common interest to do so.

Being a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, Shamit Khemka understands the nature of difficulties any new entrepreneur faces while setting up the company and hence, advises to be streamline with such awards and recognizance that will bolster the brand name.