Shamit Khemka on benefit of having an e-commerce app

Today’s situation is such that each business association is heading towards globalization furthermore energetic to expand their client base. With the progression of innovation, business firms has broadened their scope for advancement and development in different nations of the world by giving them the best of the best products or services.

IT Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka says that the idea of e-commerce improvement came into the picture when business undertakings crossed topographical limits for business exchanges. Numerous entrepreneurs accept that shaking hands with alternate nations is just the best approach to grow and investigate their association in the worldwide business sector. What’s more, e-commerce is the main choice for them to transform site visitors into their customers for the product or service you offer.

The extent of e-commerce is rising quickly and there are central point that play in the development and improvement of any business. Sites that are created with the assistance of the most recent web innovation have solely procured small or huge businesses around the world. To give your business a cutting edge and beat contenders e-commerce site ends up being the best solutions for your business to move at a speedier pace.

Develop an E-Commerce Online Store

If you want to move your business online then you must require a well managed and sorted out online store which demonstrates beneficial regarding business. You will get different choices accessible yet Magento is a standout amongst the most famous, solid and effortlessly available alternative in the realm of internet technology.

Magento is an open source platform and it is most favored in the business to create e-commerce based applications and for that you have to Hire Magento developers . It is constantly useful to approach proficient who has some additional skills and knowledge to develop your online portal according to your expressed requirement.

At the point when Internet technology and its different tools are being to grow business operations, the term “e-commerce” came into the picture. E-commerce industry is wide and additionally quickest developing in the world. So in the event that you need to grow your business skylines you require an e-commerce site and by which you can without much of a stretch change over your site visitors into customers.

To get your online business website developed Hire a Magento Developer which is competent to develop exceptionally improved and customized online stores. Likewise you have to verify that it satisfies every one of your prerequisites in the web application.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that our Professionals have expertise in the field of mobile app development, software development, e-commerce store development and many more. If you are looking for Custom e-commerce store development you can get free quote today for quality and inventive development services from SynapseIndia.

You can reach specialists at SynapseIndia registered office and talk about your prerequisites with them.

Shamit Khemka, Owner of IT solution provider SynapseIndia

Custom software development is may be a standout amongst the most imperative parts of the general process that is the most results driven. It is harder than routine software building for a custom employment requires the capacity to realize totally new possibilities and associate the beginning stage to a craved endpoint without there being a template program in the center to achieve it.

Utilization of a format must be stayed away from inside custom software application development since this would be minimal more than the production of a code derivative, which may bring about copyright issues down the line and may really take a valuable bit of software and incredibly decrease its attractiveness because of having directives put on it by the contemplating originator.

Business necessities for custom software development are not as perplexing as one may accept. Indeed, the administration is the little plan of action of decision for ambitious experts who need to go only it. This involves the acknowledgment that one can’t market to the overall population, yet rather is extremely constrained by the client base that is really entering the request.

Accordingly Shamit Khemka explains that a home-based proficient with specialization in this methodology won’t get rich with little business custom software development for such a restricted business sector, for Windows and the production of the procedure that can then be effectively marketed do offer lucrative futures.

Web based custom development software may be another extraordinary approach to give the support of an organization by allowing custom development application software to be downloaded fairly dispatched on perpetual media. This permits the developer to proffer every so often overhauled. While this is all a vital part of the normal custom software development, e-business, current and impending organization expert need to remember that not all that comes up roses.

For example, if your custom software development, understanding has a “satisfaction ensured” condition, you may find that your three months of the services will be for nothing out of pocket for the client has the capacity point to the proviso and not pay you when the methodology neglected to meet the desires. Besides, enterprising custom software development business visionaries need to remember that a few PCs, systems, and LANs are just so obsolete, that regardless of what fix you present, a superbly elegantly composed bit of custom software will just not run.

SynapseIndia research and development process is followed for all the projects the company undertakes. They do take appropriate time in analyzing client’s requirements and come out with great ideas. Shamit Khemka is an owner of this Leading IT outsourcing company.

Research is key part of a business: Shamit Khemka

Most web developers are so anxious about how they might want to show up on your website, as opposed to what the visitors will be cheerful about. You have to give point by point data and material that visitors look to the future, or else, it is about dropping them. Hence, you have to research the viewer’s requirements and determinations.

Exploring can be viable web style on the grounds that it is an essential part of the viewer’s advantage. There ought to be just the most critical sites simply vanish, at all times, and in a perfect world none of the web page ought to be close to three mouse clicks far from all others. Putting steering gadget at the highest point of this page or as an afterthought and it appears that all the destinations prescribed. Website design, incredible photographs can take a complete website. That, as well as influence the entire site works, orderly. It is bothering to the visitors, as they give administration to come into point of view as quick as could be expected under the circumstances and get on with it. This additionally applies to feature and other gigantic press data.

Simple to peruse material is another perspective that the engineer ought to consider when making your site. This is the principle place where a considerable measure of web designers happen. This is not thankful, comprising of numerous arbitrary content or composed material, if your visitors fight it out to investigate.

SynapseIndia Owner Shamit Khemka suggests that you must introduce the fitting mixtures of shade in the middle of composing and encompassing your web style. In the event that you need a photo of your website foundation, it is critical that this deliberately.

Point by point pictures and immense for the composed content out of sight can prompt confusions visitor. An accomplished web styles possesses the material to be utilized for individual web style. Case in point, web style London, United Kingdom has the right thought of??what is to be incorporated in the web-style client by whatever other organization on the planet.

Also, an excessive amount of or too minimal composed content is not seen on the site. Undesirable composed content can bring about issues in contemplating the visitors, as they may simply surrender and leave your site. Another regular mix-up is not an attractive composed content. This issue can be brought about by two outcomes. Specifically, it doesn’t give your visitors and imminent clients enough data about their products or services, and furthermore, it is loathsome for SEO purposes.

Another basic blunder in web development is unreasonable screen. The staggering blaze visual is something individuals will look at your site. Screen may appear to be phenomenal, however it is more inclined to be changed over visitors away, if the blaze outwardly stretched out time of time to get stacked thus they can be expelled from the website, especially amid crest website. Sprinkle landing locales are scarcely ever helpful to guests.

CEO at SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka believes that research and development is a crucial part of web development process for effective results. SynapseIndia research and development team analyze a project & its requirements in depth before getting started. SynapseIndia research and development ensures that proper planning & research has been performed as a part of web development process.

Shamit Khemka supports celebration at workplace

It is easy to get involved with your own universe of business. Consider a morning when heading into your office where you discover yourself looking through messages on your phone, adjusting an espresso mug and a satchel. On the other hand listening to music and speed off directly past your group’s office and work areas without welcome any of them.

In case, you’re accustomed to doing every one of these things and skipping out on saying good morning to your staff, even only for a couple of mornings out of the week, you are then accomplishing more mischief than you may might suspect in your business circle.

Stream of correspondence must be race to concentrate advantages later, if not promptly. To do it, both the sender and the collector must connect with one another. The more they cooperate and the closer they get to be, they will in the long run wind up being a great deal less formal, have more discussions, and have a ton of fun together.

The following points enlisted by CEO Shamit Khemka are convincible and better group building tips, which may help you break the ice and become more acquainted with individuals you work with.

1. Greet your group individuals warmly.

2. Allow everyone meet with you.

3. Hold week after week and month to month gatherings.

4. Celebrate everything.

Building a communitarian and drawing in environment ought to be the point of group pioneers in an association. It is observed that when you get to be fruitful in building this sort of environment, you can convey maintainable and on-target group exercises. You need to arrange approaches to make a friendly situation that can enhance collaboration, joint effort, and group associations with noteworthy and quantifiable results.

All the more along these lines, to have a certain comprehension of your business and flourish as a fruitful association, you will without a doubt need drew in and conferred employees. However, as a rule it is seen that group pioneers and association heads grab for approaches to enhance employee engagement and participation in the middle of employees and divisions.

The necessity for this sort of environment is authority preparing. Just a decent arrangement of administration preparing amusements can offer and assemble enhanced collaboration immediately and with reasonable results inside a brief time of time. By assembling them, you can energize your employees all the more powerfully. Your fundamental target is to pick up results. For it, you need to enhance group connections.

SynapseIndia celebration recently held on the occasion of company’s 15th foundation day. CEO & Founder, Shamit Khemka shared the business expansion plan in SynapseIndia celebration. The event included various team building & fun activities.

Shamit Khemka on importance of employee benefits

As an entrepreneur Shamit Khemka understands the importance of employee benefits and says that one need to settle on an abundance of choices identified with your business, from how to market your product or services to how to deal with your employees. One employee-related choice is the thing that employee benefits you will offer, from health protection to a retirement plan to paid time off. Offering a focused benefits bundle has various points of interest for your small business.

Employee Acquisition

Offering employee benefits makes your small business an aggressive one with regards to securing qualified employees. Pretty much as you measure a vocation competitor’s qualities and shortcomings, a potential employee considers the favorable circumstances and impediments of tolerating a position with your small business. An aggressive benefits bundle can draw in amazing employees. Since a solid staff is fundamental to your business’ prosperity, offering benefits is an unquestionable requirement.

Employee Retention

If you select an above-normal benefits arrangement for your employees, it can go far in keeping employees at your small business. Employees who are looking for another job need to consider the offer in its sum, not simply hope to measure up compensations. An aggressive benefits bundle can be sufficient to keep an employee around.


Offering benefits demonstrates your employees that you comprehend and regard their needs. Going without health protection can be a hazardous choice, so if you offer a benefits bundle that incorporates health protection, you are demonstrating your employees your sympathy toward their prosperity. Also, an benefits bundle that incorporates paid time off, as both excursion time and wiped out time, demonstrates your employees that you comprehend the significance of rest and unwinding.


Offering benefits can likewise keep your employees strong, which can enhance the proficiency and productivity of your small business. Employees who have health protection will probably see their specialists more frequently than the individuals who are uninsured. They will treat sicknesses as opposed to coming into work debilitated and conceivably contaminating the whole office. They will have well-visit exams yearly, which can get any genuine ailments early.

Employee Attitude

Having a focused benefits plan will enhance employees’ state of mind about their job. Employees will acknowledge having these benefits and, hence will esteem their job more. Employees with an uplifting disposition add to organization confidence and work productively to guarantee their employment is secure.

SynapseIndia founder Shamit Khemka believes that these are employees who make a business successful, so it’s the responsibility for businesses to take care of their employees. SynapseIndia employee benefits include health protection packages, performance bonuses and many more. To know in detail about SynapseIndia employee benefits visit company website.

Shamit Khemka thoughts on true leader

Working in a team is always advised to employees during the project but the importance of a leader in the team is crucial to define the roles of each team member. Understanding what actually is needed for the job is very critical and a true leader knows which member of his team will convert the hassle into a smooth functioning situation.

CEO Shamit Khemka lists out five key points to look in an employee to call him/her as a leader :

1. Communicates Well

Potential leaders should be good communicators. Leaders are an important link in the communication chain. Upper management depend on leaders to carry their ideas to employees while workers rely on leaders to carry their feedback to the employer. Inter-departmental communication is crucial too. Besides promoting communication internally, leaders must be able to share the company’s vision with customers and vendors.

2. Problem Solver

Leaders must tackle problems and find solutions quickly and efficiently. Evaluate each candidate’s problem-solving abilities before making a decision. Besides unearthing problems or potential problems, leaders will need to explain the issue to others. Leaders must bring ideas to the table and facilitate an environment where others can contribute their suggestions. A good leader will take responsibility when things go wrong and share the glory when things go right.

3. Makes Decisions

Leaders must be able to make unilateral decisions and lead their team through the decision-making process. Small business leaders should be able to implement their decisions as smoothly as possible. Decisions must be made in a timely manner but leaders must weigh their decisions before implementation. Once decisions are made, a good leader will follow through during key deadlines in the process.

4. Organizes Tasks

Leaders organize departments, people and projects. Some small businesses use leaders to develop budgets, facilitate meetings and oversee everyday office tasks. Criteria for leaders should include good administration skills or the ability to work with qualified administrators.

5. Motivates Others

An excessive amount of charisma isn’t a requirement for leadership, but leaders should be able to motivate their teams. Leaders should have sincere concern for the health and wellness of their employees. These key positions should be filled by people who know how to show their appreciation and recognition to other employees regularly. A high level of enthusiasm, the ability to think positively, and vision-casting are also key criteria the hiring staff should consider.

SynapseIndia is functioning effectively from past many years under the able leadership of Shamit Khemka and his guidance & knowledge transfer has seen many corporate leaders recognized in the organization.

Shamit Khemka’s views on business awards

There is a range of awards in the UK established to recognize the achievements of the country’s businesses, both large and small. Some of these, such as the National Business Awards, celebrate major national and international firms, but there are also many events geared towards the innovative, small businesses that form part of the bedrock of the country’s economy.

Business awards tend to be judged by an expert panel of business owners, who assess applications made in a variety of different categories. For example, award categories might recognize achievement in fields like digital engagement, marketing, or growth. Most business awards also have ‘business of the year’ categories, the winner of which is often drawn from the winners of each of the other categories.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka enlists 5 major advantages of awards for companies :

1. Individual Improvement

Another advantage of group performance bonuses and rewards is individual improvement. As teams work to meet the goal, they’ll soon discover who among them needs further training or assistance. During these team growth periods, the top performers often work with the slower workers to meet the goals and improve performance.

2. Improves Morale

Team spirit, cooperation and innovation will naturally evolve as the team seeks to reach their goal or accomplish their project. Improve morale by creating teams of employees to solve problems and reach departmental goals.

3. Increased Communication

One advantage a small business can experience from teamwork performance rewards is greater communication. Leaders on the team will communicate the group’s goal or vision, while team members will communicate to troubleshoot the answers.

4. Focused Vision

Working towards a group performance award will improve the focus of the team, a good advantage for small businesses. Group awards push teams to understand the company’s mission and their role in making that mission a success.

5. Better Relationships

When teams share a group reward, they learn to get along. You’ll see better relationships among team members competing for performance prizes. People are more likely to get along when it’s in their common interest to do so.

Being a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization, Shamit Khemka understands the nature of difficulties any new entrepreneur faces while setting up the company and hence, advises to be streamline with such awards and recognizance that will bolster the brand name.

Shamit Khemka on benefit of innovation for a company

At the point when a business is initially settled, the introductory couple of years include a struggle to increase some part of the business. As years cruise by, clients get to be faithful to the brand and this prompts a programmed ascent in benefits.

Nonetheless, this is not the end. Each organization endeavors to pick up leverage over its rivals and build the market share. Thus, business is a consistent methodology which requires the entire devotion of every last one of individuals from the organization.

Shamit Khemka understand the importance of innovation and suggests that Innovative work is an unquestionable requirement in place for any association to survive and flourish. It is the manner of thinking behind all real business choices. Research includes an efficient investigation of the business environment. This incorporates, looking at the outer contenders and comprehension their qualities and shortcomings.

Associations must be absolutely mindful of the status of their rivals, their percentage of market share and the likelihood of another product launch. Besides it ought to be aware of its own qualities and must outfit these positives to build the quantity of client.

Also, it ought to know its shortcoming and always contemplate the business sector for approaches to change over the restriction into quality. An association ought to dependably pay consideration on its surroundings, as this will help in the recognizable proof of business opportunities. Therefore, products can be always created and amended to guarantee augmentation of benefits.

Numerous smaller associations like to pick R & D services, as opposed to preparing in-house staff to do likewise. This is chiefly in light of the fact that the organization’s whole system is taking into account this information. Henceforth, it is to a great degree basic that this methodology is done effectively.

Some important research process that Shamit Khemka included while describing the importance of R&D are:

Essential Research: This is the essential research that must be attempted. It has no regards to business increases and just spotlights on comprehension the fundamental hypothesis behind a thought. It is exploratory or hypothetical in nature.

Applied Research: This methodology is embraced keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend, a particular issue and locate the best possible solution for the same. It is viable in nature and serves to perceive the purpose for a certain limit.

Product Research: It goes for finding new product thoughts, with a specific end goal to address the issues of the clients. This kind of exploration is completed in when, another product is being propelled or keeping in mind the end goal to discover extra employments of an effectively existing product.

Assembling Research: Shamit Khemka suggests it as most important aspect for any research and development department. This is an investigation of the assembling methodology. It includes identification of specific tools, which can be utilized as a part of request to guarantee that, all assets are being utilized to their ideal level. It serves to enhance effectiveness.

SynapseIndia research and development process is followed for all the projects the company undertakes. They do take appropriate time in analyzing client’s requirements and come out with great ideas. Shamit Khemka is an owner of this Leading IT outsourcing company – SynapseIndia.

About SynapseIndia services by Founder Shamit Khemka

SynapseIndia, an IT outsourcing company founded in the year 2000. This is one of the leading company in the IT world with its corporate office is situated in Noida. SynapseIndia has additionally attained to prestigious accreditation of Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist. It is the one stop shop for all IT needs. The service area of this organization spread throughout the globe. They have several clients in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and many more.

They claim quality services in the field of IT divisions and promptly prepare to fulfill their commitment. While you visit the dashboard of SynapseIndia, you will get the positive and noteworthy feedbacks of their clients.

Thus, it is one of the trusted seaward software development organizations, that is effortlessly taking care of the activities of abroad as well. The all credits to make this association reliable, effective goes to the founder cum managing director of this organization Shamit Khemka.

Customized Services of SynapseIndia:

The software developers of SynapseIndia have incredible experience and inventive thoughts to offer custom-made solutions for their esteemed clients. SynapseIndia has officially taken care of more than three thousand undertakings and the numbers are expanding with passing days. Qualified developers at the association use their particular inclination and imaginative approaches to manage pass on custom software, which is exactly made and designed by customer’s prerequisites.

Services of SynapseIndia:

The distinctive services offered by SynapseIndia incorporate software development, website development, mobile app development and various more.

About Shamit Khemka:

The company’s CEO Shamit Khemka has profound information of Marketing Management, International Management, International Economics, Operations Management, Financial Management and so forth. Mr. Khemka leaves no stone unturned for guaranteeing that his association keeps up its top spot in the business by giving successful direction every once in a while.

In his expert vocation, He has served at diverse parts; incorporating holding positions in EO’s regional and local boards. Shamit has profound know how in territories including office administration, venture administration, consulting, business ownership, global business relations and so on. He has been a fruitful pioneer managing the organization’s operations at whatever point needed.

Shamit Khemka mark their employees as a primary assets of the organization. Recently SynapseIndia is celebrated 15 years of its successful journey and move on the next step of success with new targets and goals.

Shamit Khemka’s views on leadership

Many corporate leaders are competent but few qualify as remarkable. If you want to join the ranks of the best of the best, make sure you embody all these qualities all the time. It isn’t easy, but the rewards can be truly phenomenal.

1. Awareness

There is a difference between management and employees, bosses and workers. C.E.O. Shamit Khemka of SynapseIndia, understands the nature of this difference and accepts it in his various strategy implementations; forming their image, their actions, and their communication. He conducts himself in a way that sets him apart from his employees not in a manner that suggests they are better than others, but in a way that permits him to retain an objective perspective on everything that’s going on in their organization.

2. Decisiveness

Shamit Khemka also mentioned all leaders must make tough decisions It goes with the job. They understand that in certain situations, difficult and timely decisions must be made in the best interests of the entire organization, decisions that require a firmness, authority, and finality that will not please everyone. Extraordinary leaders don’t hesitate in such situations. They also know when not to act unilaterally but instead foster collaborative decision-making.

3. Confidence

Not only are the best leaders confident, but their confidence is contagious. “Employees are naturally drawn to them, seek their advice, and feel more confident as a result. When challenged, they don’t give in too easily, because they know their ideas, opinions and strategies are well-informed and the result of much hard work. But when proven wrong they take responsibility and quickly act to improve the situations within their authority.” added Shamit Khemka.

4. Empathy

Extraordinary leaders praise in public and address problems in private. a genuine concern The best leaders guide employees through challenges, always on the lookout for solutions to foster the long-term success of the organization. Shamit Khemka always emphasize on the fact that rather than making things personal when one encounter problems, or assigning blame to individuals, leaders should look for constructive solutions and focus on moving forward.

5. Accountability

Extraordinary leaders take responsibility for everyone’s performance, including their own. They follow up on all outstanding issues, check in on employees, and monitor the effectiveness of company policies and procedures. When things are going well, they praise. When problems arise, they identify them quickly, seek solutions, and get things back on track.

SynapseIndia is running under successful leadership of Shamit Khemka from past 15 years whose experience and value addition is ensuring continous growth of the company.

Shamit Khemka tips to enhance work-culture

Company’s working culture is something that actually defines the output of the organization. Shamit Khemka C.E.O. of SynapseIndia really believes in the same and keeps continously working on improving the same.

Because of that, Shamit Khemka spend a good amount of time making sure his ideas on company culture are loud and clear. Not all companies have great working culture, and it can be difficult to change when it’s been one way for so long. But it is possible to improve and shift until those changes are permanent.

Here are few steps that can improve your organizational working culture for sure :

1. Minimize Meeting time as less as possible

The piece of advice is completely practical and one should cut all meetings in half. Seriously. Meetings can be some of the least productive places in an office, and when people feel like their time is being wasted, they get upset, and feel undervalued.

2. Be regular to Work

Most of the time, employees take casual leave for many of their leisure events which gives them a sure hands down when they re-join the work. One need to balance the work and outside life precisely to keep the morale in place to better productivity.

Shamit Khemka shows great leadership when it comes to lead by example and he always ensures all the issues are addressed and resolved well in time.

3. Be an affirmative Listener

The best way to get things done is to be a great listener. No one ever talked their way through a problem. And this is step three. Straight up. Not only do you need to be a great listener, but one need to understand the grounds of the task.

Shamit Khemka has been running one of India’s best IT outsourcing company SynapseIndia from part 15 years and the values that he has implanted in the organization are surely marking their place on the world scenario.

Ways to have a great work culture by Shamit Khemka

There are only two main ways to build an organizational culture: either with consideration and conscious intent; or, by contrast, to let the culture come together as it does, giving it little thought in the process.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka enlisted 5 important aspect while building up the working culture for any organization as:

1. Teach the Company Policies

One of the best ways to teach the culture is to tell stories. There’s something solid that resonates when people hear nice tales of how things were handled in a difficult situation, or how the organization has successfully progressed to where it is. There’s a substantive wisdom that comes from these stories, an experiential element of teaching that goes beyond the intellectual theories. “And because culture is what’s happening, not just what we say should be going on, the stories resonate in ways that pure theory cannot.” said Shamit Khemka

2. Define the right decision maker

If you have a number of leaders running your organization, you may not immediately have full agreement on what your desired culture is. In that case, there must be hard discussion amongst the key decision makers so that you can reach a consensus. Shamit Khemka said that important of being decisive is no take down effort and it creates a positive environment as well when your leader leads the team with optimism.

Putting the vision in writing is an essential element of making it successful. When the dialogue stays verbal only, it’s inevitable that everyone will leave the room with a different version of what was agreed upon. Documenting it is far more likely to help you get where you want to go.

3. Be certain to live it

Shamit Khemka endorses some of the meaningful ways that leaders impact the working culture include:

• how well our words match our deeds
• how we handle things when they don’t match up
• which of our values we live and which we only pay lip service to
• who we hire and who we fire
• who we reward and who we don’t
• the systems/processes we put in place
• how we handle failure

4. Measure the standard achieved

Once we’ve identified the key elements of our desired culture and written them down, we must measure our success in making them a (cultural) reality. “Many will argue that you cannot measure things like fun or supportiveness or camaraderie; I think you can. If you want to have a results-oriented organization, you are more likely to succeed if you measure your success at putting the culture into place”.

5. Reward the Performers

A common problem in every organization is the mismatch between what it says it wants and what’s rewarded. In some cases, the issue is just an absence of rewards. They say they want to be generous, but they take for themselves first. They say that they want teamwork, but pay bonuses based on individual performance. No organization will ever perfectly align every reward with the behaviors we seek. But at least being cognizant of the key elements of the cultural vision we’re going after and then making sure that we recognize and reward those is important.

SynapseIndia is running successfully under the leadership of Shamit Khemka from past 15 years and it has no question of uncertainty that he is leading the company with an example.

Important qualities to be a Good Leader: Shamit Khemka

Having a great idea, and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture. While finding a new and unique idea is rare enough; the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. However you see yourself, whatever your age may be, as soon as you make that exciting first hire, you have taken the first steps in becoming a powerful leader. C.E.O. of SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka believes that When money is tight, stress levels are high, and the visions of instant success don’t happen like you thought, it’s easy to let those emotions get to you, and thereby your team.

Shamit Khemka

According to Shamit Khemka, 5 most important qualities in a leader shall be :

1. Honesty

Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are responsible for a team of people, its important to raise the bar even higher. Your business and its employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow suit.

2. Ability to Delegate

Finessing your brand vision is essential to creating an organized and efficient business, but if you don’t learn to trust your team with that vision, you might never progress to the next stage. Its important to remember that trusting your team with your idea is a sign of strength, not weakness. Shamit Khemka also added that Delegating tasks to the appropriate departments is one of the most important skills you can develop as your business grows. The emails and tasks will begin to pile up, and the more you stretch yourself thin, the lower the quality of your work will become, and the less you will produce.

The key to delegation is identifying the strengths of your team, and capitalizing on them. Find out what each team member enjoys doing most. Chances are if they find that task more enjoyable, they will likely put more thought and effort behind it.

3. Communication

Knowing what you want accomplished may seem clear in your head, but if you try to explain it to someone else and are met with a blank expression, you know there is a problem. If this has been your experience, then you may want to focus on honing your communication skills. Being able to clearly and succinctly describe what you want done is extremely important. “If you can’t relate your vision to your team, you won’t all be working towards the same goal. ” added Shamit Khemka.

4. Sense of Humor

If your website crashes, you lose that major client, or your funding dries up, guiding your team through the process without panicking is as challenging as it is important. Morale is linked to productivity, and it’s your job as the team leader to instill a positive energy. That’s where your sense of humor will finally pay off.  “Being an owner it becomes very essential to understand the right situation where the employee is stuck or unsure about the certainties of the project and that’s where we explore the quality of leadership in an individual” said Shamit Khemka.

Encourage your team to laugh at the mistakes instead of crying. If you are constantly learning to find the humor in the struggles, your work environment will become a happy and healthy space, where your employees look forward to working in, rather than dreading it.

5. Confidence

There may be days where the future of your brand is worrisome and things aren’t going according to plan. This is true with any business, large or small, and the most important thing is not to panic. Part of your job as a leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. Keep up your confidence level, and assure everyone that setbacks are natural and the important thing is to focus on the larger goal. As the leader, by staying calm and confident, you will help keep the team feeling the same. Remember, your team will take cues from you, so if you exude a level of calm damage control, your team will pick up on that feeling. The key objective is to keep everyone working and moving ahead

Shamit Khemka briefs SynapseIndia’s tie ups

Leonardo da Vinci developed a prototype of the helicopter. He was besides an accomplished sculptor and writer. Today, it is no longer pragmatic for even the best companies to specialise in everything. Keeping this in mind, Shamit Khemka have developed a few selective tie-ups with some of the world’s top IT solutions companies, each a leader in its specialized software sphere like digital security solutions and software bug fixes.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners
Microsoft is a world leader in the software and operating systems sphere. The company is motivated and inspired by how the customers use their software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what’s most important to them. SynapseIndia, a company owned by Shamit Khemka is Gold certified small business partners and has many other certifications as well from Microsoft.
Redhat specialises in the development, deployment and management of Linux and open source solutions for the Internet. The company focuses solely on open source. Thus, other developers are free to improve the software resulting in rapid innovation. Shamit Khemka is confident about the association with Redhat to keep the development area more innovative towards the challenges.
IBM – the world leader in invention, development and manufacturing of the industry’s some of the most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.
Most of the web designing platforms are been produced by Adobe. Considering such remarkable establishment achieved by Adobe, Shamit Khemka has ensured the designers of SynapseIndia are having suffice resource to utilize and provide the best outcomes necessary.
Electronic Exchange Systems is dedicated to creating the most effective and cost-efficient electronic payment solutions while maintaining the highest level of customer service.
Remedy delivers Service Management software solutions that enable organizations to align internal and external service and support processes to business goals.
SealedMedia Inc. is a software developer that provides a Document Security solution. They help organizations to maintain complete control over who can use their most sensitive information and when; even allowing originators to change rights to access and use information after it’s been delivered!
Deerfield specialises in the distribution of software that multiplies the potential of the Internet. It provides marketing, distribution, registration and support services for networking, mobile office communications and Internet software and services.
Dell designs and builds customised products and services to fulfill the requirements of its customers that range from multinational corporations to home users. It is the world’s largest direct seller of computer systems in the world.
Frontstep provides customised e-business solutions including B2B e-business; web order management; supply chain management; CRM; ERP; e-procurement and workflow automation. Frontstep delivers services like ASP hosting, software leasing, e-business strategies and implementation.
Kaspersky Lab is a data-security software development company. The company focuses on information security technologies and computer software. Its anti-virus programmes are among the best in the world and are supported by all common Operating Systems.
Macromedia creates software using an open integrated platform to create dynamic content and applications deliverable across different platforms. It includes both programming and multimedia software. 

RhinoSoft develops software to leverage users in the world of the Internet. It specialises in file transfer protocol. Its other products includes software like banner blocking software, Internet accelerator & Internet content filter.

RapidSSL is an Internet security specialist, focussed on providing small/medium businesses (SMB) with strong 128 bit encryption, industry standard SSL certificates. The company is dedicated to being the lowest cost provider of SSL to the entry level SMB (small/medium business) marketplace and offers a number of SSL certificate brands.


Thawte deals with Internet security. It is a global provider of digital certificate solutions, which are used as proof of online identity. Thawte provides for the protection of information sent over the World Wide Web using current technologies.

Many other certification and registration are acquired by SynapseIndia which partners them to achieve the best output to enrich the IT projects acquired.

Shamit Khemka distributed tablet to employees

15th Foundation Day

IT outsourcing major SynapseIndia recently announced the distribution of Micromax P470 tablet to its employees who attended the 15th Foundation day retreat HR activities. It was a major announcement made at the company’s 15th Foundation Day held at a retreat hotel outside Delhi/NCR that brought more smiles on the faces of employees of the reputed company.

As per the company spokesperson “Our company has been delivering web and mobile applications for our global clientele successfully every year simply because of the valiant, dedicated efforts of our employees. This is indeed the prime reason for our influential success & annual growth. So, we have decided to gift tablets to our employees who have been dedicating their time & efforts for our company’s growth & prosperity. We hope that it will further encourage the use of mobile applications within the extended family and be popular with out employees families and kids.”

Definitely, it was a great news for each SynapseIndian as everyone was thrilled to get the latest tablets. As per an employee “It’s very appreciated! We give our heart & soul everyday to ensure that our company is constantly progressing on the path of success. We take pride in the fact that we are part of a company that recognizes employees efforts and rewards them from time-to-time. The tablets we would be getting are indeed a token of appreciation from our company for our efforts and HR engagement, and this truly makes us feel great!”.

Over the years, SynapseIndia has evolved into a complete IT solutions provider with service offerings ranging from web & mobile app development to online promotions and more. SynapseIndia offers a host of employee benefits that include monthly awards, provident fund, medical programs, health insurance, performance bonuses and more. Its indeed these diverse benefits that make SynapseIndia a great organization to work in for employees.

SynapseIndia: SynapseIndia currently follows all processes that further ensures delivery of higher quality services to global clients. The reputed IT outsourcing company is looking forward to attaining few levels in near future that would further solidify its reputation in the global market.

SynapseIndia Celebrations: Celebrations are held in SynapseIndia throughout the year; most prominent ones being celebration for Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc. By means of these celebrations, the reputed company looks forward to unifying its employees for building better, stronger bonds and adopting a more collaborative approach in future. SynapseIndia also has plans to organize the upcoming celebrations in a more enjoyable environment like a resort or hotel.

SynapseIndia Events: SynapseIndia organizes various motivational, learning events from time to time. Different morale-boosting events are normally organized within the company; while depending on the event nature, arrangements are also made to organize it at a different venue. In the coming time, the company plans to arrange more of such events at different venues for boosting employee morale & increasing engagement while bringing them together for more fun, frolic & enjoyment.

SynapseIndia Expansion plan: SynapseIndia is on the path of transforming its future expansion plans into reality. With registered offices currently in India, US and UK; SynapseIndia is looking forward to spreading its IT outsourcing business by opening more registered offices across the globe. Announcement for the same has already come out during the company’s 15th Foundation Day event.

SynapseIndia Employee benefits: Several employee benefits available to SynapseIndia employees include LTA, performance bonuses, medical insurance, accidental insurance, etc. Based on its employee-friendly policy, the company plans to add on more attractive benefit plans for its employees in near future to ensure that their motivation level stays at the peak.

SynapseIndia Ranking: SynapseIndia ranking is excellent among the different web development companies located across the globe. SynapseIndia is planning to maintain its excellent ranking and market goodwill by adopting a more client-specific approach.

SynapseIndia Recruitment: SynapseIndia is looking forward to hire more qualified professionals including web developers, mobile app developers, SEO specialists etc., for its registered offices. The company’s recruitment team has also made future plans to adopt a more comprehensive candidate screening procedure for the vacant job positions and hire the right candidates that can fit well in the company’s culture & environment.

SynapseIndia Research & development: The IT outsourcing major considers research & development as an integral part of business success. Consequently, SynapseIndia team would be emphasizing more on this aspect in future to find effective methods of simplifying processes, minimizing operational costs and maximizing client benefits. To attain this, the IT company would be strengthening its research & development team by adding more resources in the coming time.