About Shamit Khemka: Founder of SynapseIndia

Company always tends to bring the best of employees and mutually provide them good career with the best of compensation and benefits to keep the momentum running. Synapse owner Shamit Khemka also believe in the same & it has been the reason of success for the company for past 15 years.

How does working culture and environment of any company affects the company’s ranking can be easily understood by the employees performance. Synapse owner Shamit Khemka always keeps motivating his employees to extend their capability and performance to an extra mile.

Shamit Khemka has done various management courses that speak of his experience in managerial skills. Entrepreneur Shamit Khemka has a comprehensive expertise in areas of executive management, business ownership, project management, consulting, and e-business. An active philanthropist and social activist, Shamit Khemka is also indulged in several social causes.

Regular festive events, entertainment stuffs & celebration are scheduled to keep the morale of employees boosted. Synapse owner Shamit Khemka emphasize that main strength of the organization is their employees who are actually developers working on technologies like PHP development, .Net, Microsoft etc.

Events like Foundation day celebration, Local festival celebrations, regular HR connect session gives employees a perfect platform to come up with a better working ideas and refreshed thought process for handling any kind of development projects. Seeing the success on Platforms like , Odesk, Linkedin and various other social channels, company has prospered multi-dimensionally.

Expansion Plan for SynapseIndia by Shamit Khemka

In one of his expansion plan, Synapse Owner Shamit Khemka recently launched the research & development department for better operational and functional performance of employees in each department. By enriching registered offices & branches with better amenities for employee’s entertainment and work life balance, we ensure our employees are in sound frame of mind to work and contribute to Company’s performance and ranking.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka has been appointed as Regional Director for South Asia by EO Global. Main reason behind Shamit Khemka’s success story is his can do attitude that made SynapseIndia expand their business globally. Regular Fun events & celebrations are organized in SynapseIndia that makes it the best place to do great work. On 15th Foundation day celebration, Shamit khemka declared distribution of tablets to employees as a token of appreciation to their efforts. Recently, SynapseIndia launched their Training & Internship program for In-Demand Programming Skills. SynapseIndia has also started offering Nette development & Slim Framework Development. Contributing to CSR Activity, Shamit Khemka provided new hostel building to International Chandramauli Trust.

Shamit Khemka on Recruitment plans

Recruitment team are also matching up the pace with the Current openings & jobs to keep the talent acquisition maintained for the upcoming projects. Synapse is continuously inching towards the betterment of the working infrastructure, employee benefits, opening new office branches , following all the attributes of CMMI etc. to be an effective Software IT outsourcing service provider.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka has ensured a complete IT Outsourcing Solution for clients by providing a healthy work environment with motivated workforce. Shamit Khemka always takes his employees concerns on his top priority.